Thursday, July 30, 2009

we have a new due date...

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We've had quite an interesting week. I've been sicker than ever, lots of puke and lots of sleeping. I've completely lost interest in so many foods I formerly loved. I can no longer eat kale, salads, collards, bok choy, mushrooms and many more delicious and nutritious foods I had been devouring just a week or so before. My food aversions have basically left me a fruitarian, I am loving cantaloupes, strawberries, oranges, bananas, cherries, grapes, and plums. I have also been eating a lot of pineapple, but for some reason it makes me sick more often than not. The strange thing is that I still crave it like mad. I've also had a good relationship with baked or mashed potatoes and my favorite water crackers. I have an aversion to raw cashews and walnuts now, but I can stomach pistachios. I could go on forever, but you get the point.

We had our first OB appointment on Monday and he reassured us that all the foods I have been able to stomach are completely sufficient and healthy for growing a baby and that we shouldn't be worried at all. The greatest news about our OB is that he was totally impressed with our vegan diet and actually said it was THE BEST diet for a pregnant woman. He also said that he personally eats meat, but at least he acknowledges the truth! We expressed our joy in the fact that he was supportive and told him we had been worried about him accepting our diet. He said that any doctor who would be against a vegan diet obviously wasn't thinking straight (but in more harsh terms) and that it is just plain fact that the less processed your diet and the more vegetables and fruit you eat the better. WE LOVE HIM ALREADY!

He made me feel completely comfortable for all the invasive procedures I underwent that day. I had to have a vaginal ultra-sound, which I was NOT expecting at all. I have watched so many baby shows, I just imagined him rolling a little wand around my belly. That was so not the case, but I survived. It went well and we were able to see our little lentil's heart beating. Just could not have been better than at the moment when he said everything looked great! We spent a long time in his office discussing my prenatal vitamins among many other questions we have as first-timers. He disagreed with my family practice doctor and thinks that I should continue taking DHA and a separate vitamin D supplement of 400 IUs.

The biggest shocker of the appointment was when he said that the ultra-sound showed that the baby was 6 weeks and 1 day, instead of almost 8 weeks as I had originally been told by my family practice doctor. He explained that because of my 37 day irregular cycle, the dating of the pregnancy can sometimes be off. He gave us a new due date of March 21st. Our original due date was March 10th. We'll see what happens, but I bet the baby comes somewhere in between those two dates. We don't really care as long as he or she is healthy! This Sunday I will be on week 7 according to the OB. So we are moving back a little and I was already counting down the days until the 2nd trimester where supposedly these gnarly symptoms start to die down.

We are going to see my in-laws this weekend, which should be fun. I can imagine myself sleeping and puking the whole time, but I hope for a little break...



nausea/vomiting (i can't even brush my teeth without getting sick)

loss of appetite

heavy food aversions

heightened sense of smell

moody ( a little irrational at times, thankfully luke knows how to diffuse this)

fatigue (frequent naps after work)

extreme happiness (doctor says that i will go up and down due to hormones…but i doubt it)


missed 2 days of work

going to bed earlier

sleeping on my sides only (i try to sleep on left, but move around a lot)

this week been way too tired to exercise every day but still fitting it in when i can

eating some form of breakfast every day (even if comes right back up)

even more strict on organic food intake and whole foods (only fruits, minimal vegetables, grains and nuts)

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  1. Hi, I'd just like to say that I LOVE your blog. I've been vegan for 7 years now and have no intention of going back. However I got my first ever BFP today, after a year of hoping and trying, and my immediate concern was diet! Not because I think you can't have a healthy vegan baby- I know plenty of people who do- but because there isn't much information about it out there. So, thank you both- and both your sweet little ones!- for all the information and encouragement. I'm only 5 weeks so I have a long way to go yet! :) Peace xx