Wednesday, July 22, 2009

she's so exhausted...

Today begins week 7 for us and honestly I am totally EXHAUSTED. I have never slept this much in my life and I LOVE SLEEP. I went to bed at 1030pm last night (which NEVER happens) and slept until after 830am! I woke up to eat some multi-grain toast at 2am and take one of many pee breaks. I was worried the baby was hungry or something during my hibernation. I've been taking naps almost every day after I get home from the office. I also have been going in to the office later this week.

I just told my boss on Monday about being pregnant. Last week we bought What to Expect When You're Expecting and we have been buried in it ever since. It was the first pregnancy book we purchased that wasn't specifically vegan, but at least they have a little vegan info. It is actually a great resource and thankfully as vegans a lot of things that might worry most, don't apply to us. I looked up some information on when to tell your boss that you're expecting and it basically said you don't really have to for a while unless you are sick. Well, I wasn't sick at all when I first read that, but as of the wee hours of Monday morning my stomach has been turning. I was so nauseous on Monday throughout the day I thought I better fill her in. .

Apparently no one in my department has been pregnant on the job in many years. I assured her that I was going to return to work after maternity leave and that my career was still very important to me. Thankfully, with Lucas being self-employed we will be able to have one parent at home caring for the baby at all times without me having to sacrifice all my hard work and dedication to my education and career.

I truly believe I am one of the luckiest women out there when it comes to having a dedicated partner that isn't brainwashed in to believing in misogynistic gender roles. Lucas is 100% involved in this pregnancy. He is right by my side researching and learning everything there is to know about child rearing, nutrition, name it! He makes sure that I don't have to do anything annoying or stressful, including chores and cooking which makes my life way easier! He actually did that kind of stuff before I was pregnant, he is a definite keeper. He is also taking an active role in being my exercise partner. It really doesn't get any better than having your partner with you to keep you motivated throughout all your pregnancy symptoms.

He has been overly worried the past couple of days about me getting enough food since I've lost my appetite a bit. He is always trying to get me to eat more, but honestly this week food hasn't been that appealing. At least the food I eat has been super nutritious. I wish I could go back to the last couple of weeks when I was able to eat more with no problem. I read that the baby is still getting enough nutrients at this point and that there is no need to worry, but I can't wait until this nauseous feeling goes away for good.

Yesterday at work someone was eating chicken and the smell actually made me vomit. Even though I am vegan I never get sick from the smell of cooked flesh. I do not prefer it, but I have never had this reaction before. I have only thrown up 3 times and each time it was barely anything at all. I guess I am lucky that the nausea doesn't usually lead to throwing up. I hate throwing up. I also hate being queasy, but I love being pregnant and I love that in March we will have a precious little baby!

When I can stomach food, I've been loving oranges and grapes. I guess the acidity bothers some, but for me it is a relief. Avocado is definitely another food that I have been enjoying and I know that they are great for the baby too. The only thing I crave is potatoes, though I know the nutritional value isn't that high. Tempeh sandwiches have become one of my best-friends right now. I love to add sautéed onions and mushrooms on top! Hopefully I can eat more today, yesterday was the worst day for eating.

The big first OB appointment is this upcoming Monday! We are so excited for this appointment and the first ultra-sound. We still have so much to do, but taking it one day at a time...

This is what our baby looks like right about now!


nausea (with minimal throwing up)
loss of appetite
gassiness (i'm vegan so always a little gassy, but even more so now)
moody ( a little irrational at times thankfully luke knows how to diffuse this)
fatigue (frequent naps after work)
frequent urination (doctor says normal as uterus expands and touches bladder)
extreme happiness (doctor says that i will go up and down due to hormones…but i doubt it)

going to bed earlier
sleeping on my sides only (i try to sleep on left, but move around a lot)
walking around 2 miles daily
eating breakfast every day
even more strict on organic food intake and whole foods (only fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains)

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