Sunday, July 31, 2011

1,2,3 JUMP...

16 months old

15 months old

Yes, the neglecting blog guilt has set in and I am racing the clock to get a July post done. The boys just settled off to sleep after a wilder than usual bedtime routine of dancing and jumping off of beds like the little daredevils they've come to be. Needless to say their bedtime seems to be getting later and later with the sudden burst of joyful energy that happen in the evenings. They wear us out, but we enjoy every second of life with Astral and Defy. Thankfully I have a few moments to spare to catch you up on our lives, with the hopes of more time in the next week.

So Astral and Defy are now 16 months, though in just 3 days they will be 17 months old. Since our last blog we flew out to the midwest for a visit with Lucas' side of the family, when the boys were still 15 months. It was a wonderful trip and it is always great to spend time with our loved ones that we don't get to see as often as we'd like. The flights there and back were quite awful to say the least.

Everything started out well on the way there, until we were in the air for a while and both boys started to cry hysterically at the same time for what seemed like the longest 15-20 minutes of our lives. The guy sitting next to me got up and walked to the front of the plane while rubbing his temples. Nothing worked to soothe them, holding them together or apart, snacks, toys....NOTHING! We had totally become "those people" times 2!! Then suddenly they just stopped and were happy little guys the rest of the trip.

On the way back the entire trip was horrendous. We got stuck in a longer than usual security line and DnA cried the entire time. Lucas and I were both sweating and almost in tears by the time we finally got through. They didn't fuss much on the plane, but of course the unthinkable happened upon arrival back home. THE AIRLINE LOST OUR FREAKIN' LUGGAGE. Of course we didn't know they lost it at first, we waited forever at the baggage claim and as the minutes passed Astral and Defy became more and more agitated. Who could blame them, we were all exhausted and ready to be home!!! Once I realized it was never going to come around on that damn carousel we went to make a report . Of course, they had no explanation as to why our luggage hadn't arrived and promised to have it delivered within 24 hours. That 24 hours turned out to be more like 48 hours, but oh well at least we were home. Traveling with twin babies or toddlers in no easy feat and we hope to avoid it for a while. While we planned to travel to Europe with the boys before they turn 2 to visit family, that plan has been totally scrapped for a couple of years AT LEAST! We need to keep our sanity...

Lucas assembled the boys' cribs into toddler beds a couple of weeks ago and we are transitioning them slowly but surely from co-sleeping. We are currently sleeping in their room with them while they get used to sleeping on their own. They are so cute in their big boys beds.

Astral and Defy have a new skill: JUMPING. They love to jump off of things, especially their toddler beds. It is so scary how dangerous they are, but they will stand on just about anything and jump off. While amazing to watch, with each landing bump I think I lose a year off my life.

Their communications skills are fabulous and improve every day. They can say many words new words, the newest being airplane and bunny rabbit. While we are cherishing every stage of their life, this has to be the most exciting. Being able to communicate through language will bring our fun to a whole new level!

The boys are eating everything now. If it's vegan, organic and a whole food they've probably tried it! Their most recent favorites are cherries and nectarines.

The summer is in full effect here and days have been filled with parks, pools and play dates. Some days are so hot that Lucas has to find indoor activities to keep the boys busy. They've been enjoying the library, though last week when Lucas took them to their first story-time (children's book reading) they absolutely hated it. Perhaps it was the non-vegan story about cooking eggs. You just never know with toddlers...