Sunday, February 21, 2010


35 weeks

33 weeks side and front view

36 weeks today and only 9 days until they're here! We are super excited, it seems so unreal...

A date has been set for the birth of our identical twin boys!!! My c-section is scheduled for March 3rd 2010 at 9 am! I will be 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant!!

I have been on bed rest since November 28th and hospital bed rest since December 28th. Every excruitaing second has been more than worth it. These babies are so healthy and so big. Thankfully they stayed put and next week they'll officially be full term! This is such a huge accomplishment after having a short cervix for the last 2 months!! The boys were weighed at 34 weeks (2 weeks ago) and were way bigger than even the average singleton. How amazing is that? Baby A weighed 5 lbs 5 oz and Baby B weighed 5 lbs 2 oz. We had hoped for them to weigh at least 5 lbs at birth and they have exceeded those expectations. I am sure in the last two weeks the babies have gained even more and are at least 6 plus by now!! So great for identical twins! If everything keeps going as well as it has been then we will be avoiding NICU time which was our major goal!! We want to bring both of these little sweeties home with us.

I would have to say that even though I have a short cervix that has caused me to be hospitalized, it didn't stop my organic and vegan diet from greatly benefiting the babies and their health for the best. The twins continue to flourish and grow and be active even though my movement has been restricted. I still feel great, though I have felt a little nauseous the past few days. The doctors ordered lab work just in case and it all came back perfect. They said it is normal at this late stage to start feeling nauseous and be more tired than usual again. Other than those symptoms I continue to have no swelling, no back pain and no other problems.

Sometimes with the pressure of this heavy belly I imagine that they will just drop out of me at any time! I have gained around 33 lbs so far! I'd gain 33 more to make sure that our babies were as fat and healthy as possible.

We recently picked our pediatrician. We have to drive 30 minutes away just to go to a practice with a more holistic approach, that doesn't force drugs and vaccinations down your throat and will let you as a parent decide how you want your children to be cared for.

I have had several meetings this past week with hospital pediatricians, neonatologists, lactation specialist and the postpartum nursing staff to discuss what happens during and right after the cesarean. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I was really excited to learn about what the nurses call "baby boot camp" where they help us learn everything we need to know about caring for and breast feeding the boys before we're discharged!! We have established our birth plan, explaining what we don't want going in or on their bodies, etc. I feel very confident that everything will go well, though I am totally freaked out that this isn't the natural birth I dreamed of and that shortly I will be having a needle full of drugs stuck in my spine. UGH! I understand why I have to get this surgery, but I am nervous nonetheless.

Boy, we have come so far along during this amazing vegan journey through pregnancy! I will try to post again before the babies are born. Though the c-section is scheduled, they could come at any time now. I am hoping they will be born on their daddy's 28th birthday on Feb 26th, but we'll see....