Wednesday, July 22, 2009

she's having a baby... (originally posted 7/15/09)

Our 1st BFP!
Our 2nd BFP!!

Our 3rd BFP (from Dr.)!!!

Soooooo WE ARE OFFICIALLY PREGNANT! It is absolutely unbelievable….I can’t stop thinking about our baby growing inside of me for even one second.

We started TTC (trying to conceive)on June 19th. My ovulation period was anywhere between the 22nd and the 27th, according to the 30 plus ovulation calculators I used online. GLORY BE TO NATURE…we got pregnant on our first try! I took the first pregnancy test on Friday, July 3rd, because I just couldn’t wait! I had read somewhere that only 15% of couples get pregnant during their first month. I didn’t think we would ever get pregnant the first try.

Lucas had bought a 3 pack of pregnancy tests during my ovulation period. The test I took on the 3rd was negative, but we decided to play it safe and I didn’t drink with the rest of the crew during the festivities on the 4th of July ( a holiday we don’t recognize, but a great occasion to get together with friends) and hadn’t had anything to drink since the 20th in preparation for conception!

Naturally, I was slightly discouraged with the negative test result, but I knew in my heart that it was probably too soon to be testing. I kept reading that women don’t usually get a positive result until around 10 DPO (days past ovulation). I made myself wait until Friday the 10th of July to take another test. I carefully read the instruction pamphlet and it said for optimal results wait until the first day of your missed period. My period was due on the 10th, though I’ve had irregular periods since I first got my period at 13. I had been taking birth control for years to correct it, but stopped taking birth-control in 2004. I didn’t want to put unnecessary pharmaceuticals in my body anymore. I don’t take any medicine now, not even for my allergies or headaches (which I never get anyway). According to my last couple of periods it seems I was on a 37 day cycle, so I went with that figure for ovulation, etc. I guess I was right!

On Thursday night (7/9) I told Lucas that I wasn’t peeing after 12 am so I would get a good reading. I couldn’t sleep well all night because I kept thinking about the result I wanted to see so badly on that test in the morning.

I woke up around 630 am with my bladder full of urine! I had this feeling!!! Luke, Star and Sunny stayed soundly asleep as I practically floated to the bathroom. I performed the digital test first and within what seemed like seconds the word PREGNANT appeared. I couldn’t believe it, I shrieked instantly and ran to wake up my sleeping husband! He was startled and a little confused at first and then when he realized what I was saying (through my shrieks) he was really stoked too! We talked about everything for a little while and I tried to lay back down to go to sleep after declaring that I wouldn’t totally freak out until I took another test (yeah right).

All of a sudden while talking with Lucas I felt light-headed from the excitement and emotions running through me. Luke grabbed my hands and said that they were clammy and cold, I felt faint and sweaty. A minute later, I was fine! After realizing I was never going back to sleep, I called Aghesha, my oldest sister to share the news of the century. Not only would she normally be the first person I’d tell, she was the only one would be up at 6 in the morning EST (besides my Mom who was vacationing in AZ and CA at the time and obviously we HAVE to tell her in person since she only lives 45 minutes away)!! SCREW SUPERSTITION!!!!! There is no way we could not tell our families! They all share our enthusiasm for this long awaited little Kenya & Lucas baby! Most friends will have to wait a little while though…maybe until 10 weeks or so.

I took another test at 830 am, while getting ready to head to the office and of course it was another BFP (big fat positive). We made our first doctor’s appointment for Monday (7/13). My doctor gave me another urine test and congratulated us!!!!! She looked over the prenatal vitamins that I’ve been taking and my DHA-Omega-3 supplement. She said they were fine, though she did mention I didn’t have to take extra DHA (I plan on asking my OBGYN for her opinion when she does a blood panel). She said it was great that we are vegan and that we eat a whole foods diet! I was so happy that she said that. I had brought in the press release with the ADA’s (American Dietetic Association) position advocating vegan diets through all stages of life; including infancy, childhood, pregnancy and lactation, etc.

She said we were lucky we didn’t have to worry about consuming harmful dyes, etc. She knows we eat organic and unprocessed. She also made sure to tell me to try to stay off my cell-phone (or use speaker), to not use microwave or be around microwaves and to not put my laptop on my lap. Thankfully, we NEVER EVER use the microwave for anything. I rarely ever put my laptop on my lap, but now I am very conscious of keeping it away from my body as much as possible. She talked about these new technologies and explained that they weren’t sure how they would affect our children in the future. Better safe than sorry….

I love the fact that at least some doctor’s today are educated on vegan diets and know how great they are for both mommy and baby! I hope my OBGYN is just as educated on the subject. I know many vegans out there aren’t as lucky. Our first OBGYN appointment is on Monday, July 27th. I will be getting a blood panel and our first ultra-sound! How awesome is that? My next step will to be to find a midwife and doula. I plan on having a natural birth, I’d love for it to be a home birth or at a birthing center (instead of a hospital). We would much prefer our baby be born in a more serene and warm environment.

We are still reeling with excitement and the normal amount of anxiety for any first time parents-to-be. So many ideas and lists of things to be done before MARCH 10th (our due date) keep popping into my mind and I am only 6 weeks pregnant! That is just the kind of person I am! I can’t help that I am a total planner, I need everything as perfectly aligned as possible. I know when the baby is here all of that will be thrown out the window….but hey, I can dream!

This is what our baby looks like right about now!



realistically vivid dream since early conception (slowly disappearing)

fatigue (frequent naps after work)

frequent urination (doctor says normal as uterus expands and touches bladder)

extreme happiness (doctor says that i will go up and down due to hormones…but i doubt it)


walking around 2 miles daily

eating breakfast every day

even more strict on organic food intake and whole foods (only fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains)

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