Saturday, October 17, 2015

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Our Vegan Pregnancy Finally Updates Blog, Is Featured In Time Magazine!

Well, that last blog post sure was a long time ago!
"What's the deal?" you ask. "Where have you been?" you inquire. "Did you throw all logic and reason out the window and go Paleo and are now raising Astral and Defy as little anti-vegan cave persons?" you anxiously wonder to yourself...
Nah, we're still out here in the San Francisco Bay Area and we're still, and always, vegan. Astral and Defy are over five and a half years old now! I'm still their "stay-at-home", homeschooling Daddy and Mama still brings home the Phoney Baloney's coconut bacon. The boys and I do our lessons, read a shit-ton of library books, skateboard and bike together, attend homeschool meet ups and "field trips", go to karate and explore public parks during the weekdays. Mama's a "Silicon Valley" PR pro, and because she is a badass "level-5" vegan superstar, she also works on external communications for the directors of the ground-breaking documentary film, Cowspiracy.  

We still have a low digital media household. The weather out here allows us to be outside year-round, so on weekends and days off we hit up the beaches, redwood groves, mountains, national parks, museums, etc. as a family. We currently run the Bay Area Vegan Family meetup on, and although we have not been very active on there as of late, we plan to be in the near future and have thus far met some wonderful vegan families.

Astral and Defy continue to thrive as vegan kids. They still eat a mostly whole foods diet, but they do enjoy (mostly healthy) vegan sweets and treats as well. They are witty, adorable, strong, creative, and compassionate little critical thinkers who amaze us every day with their growing knowledge, artistic talent and ability to navigate their world. We are just so incredibly proud of them.

This week, we were featured in the cover story of the latest issue of Time magazine about millennial parenting. You can check it out here.
Thanks to Katy Steinmetz for interviewing us, taking us out to a vegan dinner on Time's dime, and for not shying away from dropping the "V-word" in her article!
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  1. What's the story behind your children's names?

  2. I just read the Times feature tonight and decided to look you all up online. Enjoyable article in general and an inspiring story of your family in particular. I appreciate the emphasis on being a vegan family. Also, I'm a an of the low digital media household idea. We recently got rid of our tv specifically for the sake of our toddler and are also focused on outdoor activities, reading, and talking.

    Sweet photos. Take care!