Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Humane Parenting...


Here at Our Vegan Pregnancy, we love our children a great deal. Since the day they were born, we've treated them with only the utmost love, kindness, and compassion. This stems from our belief that they deserve an extraordinary degree of attention and care.

Our enduring affection for them is central to the way we raise them. That is our guarantee to you.

We have fed them only the finest, wholesome, all-vegetarian, all-natural, mostly organic diet we could obtain, and we sure as heck haven't given them too many antibiotics or unnatural pharmaceutical products, unless they were absolutely necessary for their health, of course.

We have been steadfast in our commitment to allow them enough space to stretch their limbs, to run and play, and to roam and explore their environment, in a way that nature intended for them. 

Like our parents before us and their parents before them, we have provided our children with social environments, so that they can express their natural behaviors and fulfill their natural tendencies to develop relationships with other human children, which is what they would naturally do in nature.

As a small-scale family operation, we raise our children in environmentally sustainable ways, so as to work with nature and to be good stewards of the Earth. 

Naturally, we care deeply about the welfare of our children. Therefore, we feel that it is our responsibility -no duty!- to ensure that our children are lovingly and humanely raised and handled throughout their entire lives.

And as it turns out, this is not only good for our kids - it also guarantees the best flavor (of blog post content and super adorable pictures) for you to consume, savor, and enjoy!

Our Vegan Pregnancy: Committed to Raising Kids Sustainably and Humanely Since 2009.

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