Sunday, June 30, 2013

So Far, So Good...


I won’t even bother to make excuses for not posting, because there isn't a good one.  Although we have slowed down posting here, we are pretty active on Twitter (@VeganTwins).  Please feel free to follow us for humorous anecdotes about being vegan parents, “preachy” vegan “propaganda”, and our political views, all mixed in with adorable photos! 

So Astral Defiance and Defy Aster are 3 years and nearly 4 months old, folks! From the outset Lucas and I knew we would be scrutinized more than other parents because we are vegan, anti-consumerist, and very nontraditional. No, my kids don’t watch Sesame Street, eat goldfish crackers, or visit zoos or circuses, but they are happy (for moody, tantrum-throwing 3 year olds) and thriving, and it is undeniable.  Astral and Defy are STRONG and powered completely by plants. They have respect for all sentient beings, are super happy to be vegan and will question anything they consider to be unjust or unfair in a heartbeat.

The highlight of their big 3 year old appointment in March was peeing in a cup for the first time, and they did it expertly.  Astral weighed in at 37 lbs and Defy at 35.5lbs and almost 40 inches tall for both.  I am sure they are well over 40 inches and maybe even 40 lbs by now.  Astral has almost always been slightly bigger than Defy, and he has always eaten more. They both still drink their kale smoothies and eat well, although they now also enjoy the occasional sweet treat.

"Cows' Milk: Double Yuk!" -vegan kids say the darndest things...

I just love how stoked Daddy gets when he scores against a 3 year old in air hockey...

Daddy has been conducting his own version of pre-school by homeschooling the kids for as long as I can remember, and you can really see the results.  Recently, they have started learning how to read some 3 letter words and do some basic addition and subtraction. They also seem to have a better grasp on logic than some adults we know. I could go on to tell you how creative, articulate, smart, funny and super handsome these guys are, but I’ll spare you the bragging. We are just so proud of them.  Yes, these dudes are special, but daddy and I feel that every single being is special in their own way, and that’s something we will always try to impart to Astral and Defy. 

We continue on our quest to raise compassionate, critically thinking people who question everything and everyone. So far, so good…

In March the boys were finally able to build a snowman after waiting all season. Meet Hunter S(nowman) Thompson...


  1. Your boys are beautiful! I'm glad to for the update.

  2. Awww... Thanks for the comment, Mylene! It's great to hear from you.

  3. I love it. thank you for sharing your lives :)

  4. What kind of nut/other milk do you drink? I have just recently enlightened myself (unfortunately) about synthetic additives in commercial nut milks. With 3 vegan kids, they consume a ton of nut milk and I just don't have the time to make it myself in such quantities.

    1. Hi Erin! The boys drink fortified coconut milk almost exclusively. They've tried about every other plant milk out there and they just don't like most of them. Lucas prefers soy and almond milk, and I don't drink much of any milk at all. We have yet to make our own milk, but we like the idea, and plan on giving it a try at some point.

  5. That was lovely. Thanks for the update. Beautiful photos. Really great.

  6. This is so beautiful I could cry. Thank you for putting kindle on my tiny hope in humanity. And I LOVE the names you chose for your twins!

  7. I would really like to know what you do let them watch on tv (if anything), and what you do feed them for meals and snacks. We are vegan over here too and it's always inspiring to see what other vegan families perspectives, food favorites, etc, are like.

  8. Thanks so much for your blog! I just went through and read all your previous posts, and it's so helpful.

    My partner and I are vegan and planning to have a baby within a few years, so I've started the researching process! It's nice to read about vegan kids and attachment parenting in action.

    All the best to your lovely family.

  9. Just came across your site and love it! My husband and I are vegans and only today found out that we are pregnant (and judging by the hCG, probably with twins!) Can't wait to read through all your posts. Thanks so much.