Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vegan Pregnancy Xtranormal Vid

I got the idea to make this video after viewing Vincent Guihan's Xtranormal videos, which are as informative as they are hilarious. I highly recommend checking them out.


  1. Hello, I just found your blog via the Abolitionist Approach forums! It's so exciting to see another new vegan family - your boys are just beautiful. =)

    My son was born on March 3, I think our little ones are pretty close in age. I can't wait to read through your whole blog, but I was just too excited to find it so I wanted to connect and say 'hi'. HI!

    I'm a blogger as well, if you're interested I blog about all things vegan and living mindfully, at I also keep a more personal 'family' blog at

    Go vegan babies go! =D

  2. Hi Sayward!

    Thanks for your comment. Your son is very beautiful as well.
    It turns out that our children are very close in age... like about an hour apart!

    Stay in touch!

  3. Fun video!

    Because I've greatly enjoyed reading your blog, I linked to it in a blog post I wrote on vegan kids at

  4. Emily, thanks for the comment and for linking to us in your blog!

    Keep reading stay in touch!

  5. Thank you for posting this! I'm in the research phase...

  6. Your video was hilarious too. Can we have a link to it, I guess I should look it up on youtube. I'm 5 weeks pregnant with vegan baby and I will need some people to "grasp it" also.

  7. Hi Franchesca!

    Congrats on the vegan bun in the oven! I hope it's going well.

    here's a link to the vid:

    Thanks for the comment and please stay in touch!